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Living in Sweden, I loved the incredible sense of design that can be found everywhere. I would spend hours browsing in all the stores, imagining all the beautiful things I’d buy if my student budget allowed it.

However one place that my budget did allow was Lagerhaus, a homewares store that can be found in most Swedish cities. And while I can’t spend my weekends there anymore, I can still dream.

1. Stengodsburk Griffel  2. Ljusfat Deco  3. Pläd Shade  4. Assiett Point  5. Taklampa Cloud Svart  6. Träsked  7. Ljusstake Dusk  8. Kudde Topp  9. Kökshandduk Shade  10. Grytlapp Virkad Grå  11. Mugg Dozo Svart  12. Bricka Oval Trä  13. Duschcreme  14. Matta Inka  15. Ljusfat Deco Runt  16. Kokshandduk Din Mamma  17. Lampskärm Papper  18. Bestickset Wood 16 Delar  19. Kudde Etno  20. Kudde Shade  21. Glasburk Med Guldlock  22. Lampsladd Textil Koppar

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